“Мислев дека сигурно ќе умрам”: Со падобран скокнала над Алпите, а тогаш се случило тоа од што најмногу се плашела (фото)

Оваа приказна ќе ви ја замрзне крвта во вените.

25 годишната Ема Кери е девојка од Австралија која патувала низ светот барајќи авантура, а тогаш во Швајцарија и се случила несреќа.

Одсекогаш сакала да скока со падобран и тоа конечно и се остварило на Алпите. Чувството било неверојатно:

“Кога скокнавме се сеќавам на прекрасно чувство… Слободниот пад е многу мирен, целото време уживате во моментот” кажува Ема.

I haven't posted for a while and I guess it's because when I'm feeling down, the first thing I do is stop writing. I've been having the best few weeks with friends but this time of year is a little hard for me. The month of May always makes me feel a little off and very nostalgic. 4 years ago to the date, I was more excited than I had ever been in my life because in exactly one week I was getting on a plane to travel the world. It was the kind of excitement that was so big and so genuine that you only get to feel it once. Regardless of this excitement, I wasted the last week of May doing things that didn't matter. I spent it stressing because I didn't have any clothes to wear overseas, hating my body because I had put on a lot of weight and was embarrassed to wear shorts in the European sun, working long hours every day trying to save a little bit more money, trying to convince somebody to love me when I knew they didn't. I know the universe doesn't work like this, but sometimes I just wish it could have warned me. I wish I had of known that it was the last week I would ever have in that life, in that body, being the person I was. If I had known, I would have spent that week loving my body for all that it could do. I would have ran up mountains while I had the chance. I would have driven to the beach to put my feet in the sand while I could still feel them. I would have spent every moment with my family and friends before we all changed. I would have hugged everyone a little longer and a little tighter before I got on that plane. I would have soaked up that carefree excitement I was feeling and written about it so at least somewhere it was permanent. I would have loved every second of that life and the month of May if I had have known. The universe is funny like that though, you get hurt and you get pain but you also get a lesson. I guess the lesson here is simple. Enjoy this last week of May for everything it is and everything that you are, because who knows who or where you will be next May. This might seem like a depressing post but really it isn't. This is a reminder. For you, and for me.

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Сепак незнаела што да очекува од тој скок.

“Забележав дека почнуваме да се движиме поспоро и дека падобранот сеуште не се отвори. Инструкторот не ми одговараше. Колку повеќе се доближувавме до земјата, сфаќав дека нешто не е во ред” се присетува.

Тоа што се случило е навистина страшно, падобранот се замотал околу инструкторот кој се онесвестил.

“Во следниот момент сфатив дека ќе паднам на земјата со човек на мојт грб кој е во несвест” кажува Ема.

I want you guys to do something for me. Just for a minute I want you to try to put yourself in these situations and really, really try to feel and imagine what it would be like. Imagine feeling cold in the middle of the night and not being able to reach down to pull the sheet up over you. Imagine having an itch and not being able to move your hand to scratch it. Imagine not being able to feel any part of your body besides your face. Imagine not being able to scroll through instagram or send a text. Imagine not being able to stand, look at the person you love at eye-level and hug them. These are tiny things we take for granted every single day but some people have to go a lifetime without. Before my accident, I had absolutely no idea about spinal cord injuries and if I saw someone in a wheelchair, I just assumed that they couldn’t walk. It never, ever occurred to me that their legs were the very least of their problems. My injury was 4 years ago and it is still insanely hard and still makes me upset. I say this as someone in a wheelchair who can stand up whenever I want. I say this as someone who pees and poos myself but can clean myself up. I say this as someone who can’t feel my legs but has the ability to move them. Not everybody has those luxuries. I’ve been paralysed and still I can’t even begin to fathom a life without these simple things. It breaks my heart and I’m genuinely crying as I write this because it is so real and so close to me. The things people deal with everyday are so unimaginable that if I told you all of them, you would be shocked and appalled that you didn’t know. This week I’m helping to raise money to find a cure for something which has affected my life and the lives of so many of my friends. If you could please do me a favour and listen to my insta story I would really appreciate it. I got so emotional while I was talking but I think that it is something that everyone needs to hear. There was a day in my life that I got to stand up out of my wheelchair and take my first steps after being told I would never walk again. I want everybody to have that moment. That’s my dream, please help me make it a reality. Link in bio 💛

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Паднала со силен удар со лицето надолу.

“Кога сакав да се свртам и да го тргнам од мене, имав најбрутално и најболно сознание во животот – неможев да ги поместам нозете. До денес неможам да опишам колку е ужасно тоа чувство” кажува Ема.

Ема признава дека била тотално излудена, бидејќи до пред неколку минути била девојка без грижи која уживала во своето патување. Се присетува на своите мисли кога видела дека падобранот не се отворил:

“Ќе умрам! Леле стварно ќе умрам! Какво ли е чувството да си мртов!”

You know that moment of refreshing clarity you have after a massive cry? That’s the moment I’m in right now as I’m writing this. I’ve started re-reading my favourite book about an incredible woman who went through one of the most horrible things imaginable and was severely injured because of it. When I got to the part where she talks about being in hospital for the months that followed, I just started balling my eyes out. Unless you have been in a situation where every single aspect of your life and identity is taken from you in an instant, it’s hard to explain exactly how it feels. Her words took me back to this moment and reminded me of how scared, alone and alienated I felt. I cried for my 20 year old self who had to go through all of that pain, I cried for the identity I lost and the life I would never have, I cried for the girl who has spent the past 4 years getting through something without ever realising how insanely hard it actually is. Knowing where the author of this book is now made me so emotional and so proud of her. How could someone who went through so much, turn her life into something so beautiful? That’s when it hit me… that’s exactly what I have done too. Everyone has been telling me to write a book about my story because they think it would be inspiring, but I could never bring myself to start because I don’t know how it will end and what the ‘purpose’ of the book would be. I didn’t think I had achieved anything overly fantastic that was worth telling people about and I didn’t see how exactly it would help anyone who read it. Today when I realised how proud I am of this girl who I’ve never even met, I finally realised how proud I am of myself. I don’t know how I got through hell to be here and happy today, but somehow I did. Remembering how scared and helpless I felt sitting on this hospital bed… I know that if this girl saw me now, she would be in absolute awe. She would want to read about it. So I guess all of this is to say… I’m finally writing it. ‘The Girl Who Fell From The Sky’ starts now.

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За среќа го преживеала падот. Поминала 4 месеци во болница поради повреда на рбетот, зглобовите и скршени заби.

Таа го ублажила падот и на својот инструктор кој исто така преживеал но со потешки последиви.

Поради повредите цел живот ќе има последици, а докторите кажуваат дека во староста може да заврши во инвалидска количка.